"Études en France" application : the New Campus France Process

"Études en France" application : the New Campus France Process
Etudes, Singapore

Students who wish to study in France for more than 90 days need to follow the Campus France procedure before applying for a visa.

Why a new procedure? A service provided by the Embassy of France, via Campus France, dedicated to students.

  • Thanks to the Etudes en France platform, students will be able to apply directly for French Institutions with one application only, from October each year. No need anymore of multiple applications! Campus France will take care of your file follow up until you receive the acceptance letter from the French Institution.
  • Once you got your visa student, you will receive advice on your mobility to France; get invitation for Pre-departure conference…
  • You need more information and a personalised guidance meeting about studies in France? Campus France guidance counsellors are waiting for you! 


 Campus France procedure


Identify your situation and follow the procedure :

I have been accepted

If you have already your acceptance letter from the host University/School in France 

I am applying

All students who wish to apply for a full-time undergraduate or graduate program, in a French institution, must follow the online admission procedure on "Etudes en France".

I am applying for Art & Design cursus

Please note that the Campus France procedure and the visa application process are distinct from each other.

Some cases don't need to go through the Campus France process and applicant can apply directly at the consulate:

  • "retour consulaire"
  • student below 18 years old registered in a French institution which doesn't belong to Higher Education (High School for example)
  • Internship
  • Au pair program
  • Short program (less than 90 days)

European students don't need a visa. For information about admission procedures, please contact us directly.