Campus France Singapore was invited to the FRENCH STUDENT IDOL 2017!

On November 18th Campus France staff attended FRENCH IDOL 2017: the singing competition open to all French learners!
CampusFrance, Singapore

Organized by the Association of French Teachers of Singapore (APFS), this annual singing competition was open to French speakers of all levels. The representatives from various french language centres, played and sang a French song, alone or in groups.  The contest was a great success thanks to the quality of the contestants and the variety of the songs.  The jury - composed of professional singers, musicians and francophones - was there to select the winners from 13 participants.

The Association of French Teachers in Singapore is a network for French teachers from public and private Institutions. They organize an annual teaching training and events to promote the French language. French learners from all levels are approximatively 10 000 in Singapore. To learn French is a way to deepen your knowledge of the French culture, to futher your study in this country or to work for a French company.

More pictures and videos on the event on the APFS web-page.