For international entrepreneurs
Visas, Singapore

The French Tech Visa programme has been launched in spring 2017. The French Tech Visa will facilitate administrative processes for international entrepreneurs

French Tech Visa is a simplified and accelerated process for the issuance of a residence permit, and in priority a "Passeport Talent", for eligible foreign talents which will be launched in Spring 2017.

The programme targets international Tech talents: founders and employees from foreign startups and scaleups, employees from French scaleups and foreign investors.

The permit will be issued by players identified in the French Tech environment (incubators or accelerators of startups, scaleups or risk capital facilities) to international talents that were supported or recruited in France.

"The overall philosophy underlying the French Tech is to support players of the French startups environment in order to attract the foreign talents the environment needs" summed up the Minister of Economy and Finances.

Check out the official website of the programme for real-time notifications regarding the launch of the French Tech Visa in spring 2017: