You want to join an architecture school in France ?

If you intend to enroll in an architecture school in France, from the 1st year to the 5th year, you will have to pre-register by applying for a Preliminary Admission- yellow file ("demande d’admission préalable- dossier jaune"- DAP jaune) at the office of Campus France of the Embassy of France in Singapore.

The deadline to submit your application at the Campus France Singapore office is on 22 January 2017.

Download the file "Demande d'admission prelable" >>here<<

Please, be informed that you will be required to provide evidence of your level of knowledge of the French language during the application process (copy of DELF B2, DALF or TCF DAP).

Note that you need first to request an appointment to be able to submit your application at the Campus France Office.

Email contact : study (at)