Eiffel scholarships

Applications will be open until January 6th 2017

The  Eiffel  Excellence  Scholarship  Programme  was  established  by  the  French  Ministry  of Foreign   Affairs   and   International   Development   to   enable   French   higher   education establishments to attract top foreign students to enrol in their master’s and PhD courses.

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme has two branches:
- a  master’s  branch,  which  funds  master’s  courses  lasting  between  12  and 36 months;
- a  PhD  branch,  which  offers  funding  for  PhD  students  to  spend  ten  months  in France,  through  joint  supervision  or  dual  enrolment   (preferably  in  the  second year of their PhD).

Eiffel scholarships are available in three main fields:
-  engineering  science  at  master’s  level,  science  in the  broadest  sense  at  PhD  level (engineering  science;  exact  sciences:  mathematics,
physics,  chemistry  and  life sciences,   nano-   and   biotechnology,   earth   sciences, sciences  of   the   universe, environmental sciences, information and communication science and technology);
- economics and management;
- law and political sciences.

Benefits provided

The  Eiffel  scholarship  includes  :

  • a  monthly  allowance  of  €1,181  for masters and €1,400 for PhD students;
  • one international return journey;
  • social security cover;
  • cultural activities.

Scholarship holders may also receive an additional housing allowance, under certain conditions.


Age:  for  master’s  courses,  candidates  must  be  no  older than  30  (for masters) and 35 (for PhD) on  the  date  of  the selection committee meeting, 6th of March 2017

Courses  of  study:  scholarships  are  for  students  wishing  to  enrol  on a  master's course,  including  at  an  engineering  school,  and  for
  PhD  students. 


  • Application forms available online: week starting 3 October 2016
  • Deadline for receipt of applications by Campus France: 6 January 2017
  • Announcement of results: week starting 20 March 2017

To apply

While making a request for admission to a French institution, you just have to mention that you would like to be nominated for the Eiffel scholarship. The University/Institution applies on behalf of the student.

Only the French higher education institutions may submit candidature files.

  • You are a foreign student and you need further information about the programme : click here
  • You are a establishment and you have participated in the Eiffel excellence fellowship program
    => You should have received an email indicating you how to download the application files. Otherwise contact us.

  • You are a establishment and you are participating for the first time in the Eiffel excellence fellowship program
     => Contact us for access to application files.