"I have been accepted" process

All students who wish to study in France must follow the Campus France procedure on "Etudes en France" online platform before applying for a visa. You are concerned by "I have been accepted" process if you have already the acceptance letter from your Host Institution (Exchange Students and non-connected Institutions). Don't hesitate to ask Campus France Singapore office if you don't know which process you have to follow.

To submit your online application through "I have been accepted", please follow the instuctions provided in the User Guide available here.


 1. I received my official acceptance letter from your French Institution.

 2. I create my Etudes en France account here and I submit my online application.

3. I complete my account, I follow the User Guide and add the required documents.

4. I pay the fees for the Etudes en France procedure according my statut, more informations here.

5. I proceed to the Etudes en France interview (only if part of your process).

6. After reception of the Campus France letter, I proceed to the visa application directly at the French Consulate.