" I am applying" Process

"Études en France" procedure : I am applying

All students who wish to study in France more than 90 days must follow the Campus France procedure on "Etudes en France" online platform before applying for a visa. You are concerned by "I am applying" process if you want to apply for any French University program.  Attention, some Business and Engineering Schools may have their own application process. Don't hesitate to ask Campus France Singapore office to know which procedure you have to follow.

To submit your online application through "I am applying", please follow the instuctions below in the User Guide according your situation.




1. I create my account here

2. I choose "I am applying" and I complete my profile 

 To complete your profile, you must follow the instructions provided in the user guide corresponding to your situation. You are applying for:   

- 1st year of Licence [DAP BLANCHE] (15 November to 22 January 2018)

- Study in Architecture [DAP JAUNE] (15 November to 22 January 2018)

- Licence 2, Licence 3, Licence Pro, Master [HORS DAP] ( 15 November to 20 March 2018)

3. I pay the fees for the Etudes en France procedure according your statut : more informations here

4. I proceed to the academic Etudes en France interview

5. I apply for the Student Visa on France-Visas platform, after having received my Campus France certificate. 


Connected or not ?

Consult the list of connected institutions here.

If your institution isn't connected, you need to contact them directly to apply. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact Campus France office.

Consult the list of certified translators: here.