An academic system different from Singapore

Languages : Level, Equivalences and Tests

Academic level

The equivalencies of the Singaporean academic system concerning the "baccalauréat" (the diploma that allows access to higher education in France) are the GCE "A" level, the IB or the Polytechnics Diploma. Without this level, it is not possible to apply for higher education in France.


Language level

Programs taught in French: B2 is required to enter at the University, C1 or C2 to enter in some specific fields like architecture, law, medicine, psychology..

Programs taught in English : No level of French is required.

DAP: Students who wish to integrate a first year of bachelor's degree in France or a second year in a French architecture or medicine school must have a language test: TCF-DAP: with 420 points and a score of 12/20, a DELF B2 or a DALF C1.

The Alliance Française in Singapore allows you to take the exams to certify your language level, more informations here.


Learn French in Singapore


You have the opportunity to learn French in Singapore, and then validated your level, if you need, at the Alliance Française.
All information about French courses at the Alliance Française is here.

Other French language centres offers also French classes in Singapore!


Learn French in France

 You can actually learn French in France:  Short or long stay, in Paris or in regions, French beginners or on specific objectives, many training centers will be able to accomodate you to propose the formula which corresponds best to you.

In recent years, a system has been implemented for the labeling of centers of French as a foreign language located in France. This approach makes it possible to identify, recognize and promote places of training whose linguistic offer and services offer real guarantees of quality « FLE » (French as a foreign language).

To consult the guide, click here.

To choose a center, click here choose language EN or FR at the right of the screen). 

For information on short programs to learn French during the summer: here (choose language EN or FR at the right of the screen).