Doctorat (PhD) studies are organised by "écoles doctorales" (Doctoral Schools). In 2015, there were 270 of them

Doctoral Schools include research laboratories working on the same scientific field. The Doctoral Schools themselves supervise the selection, registration and training of Doctoral students.

The Doctorate course is carried out in a research laboratory under the supervision of a thesis director (or several in the case of joint supervision/direction -"cotutelle" or "codirection"-). Please note that most of the time spent is dedicated to research work and the writing of scientific articles. Trainings are organised by the Doctoral School during the thesis for 100 hours spread over 3 years. The objective of the themes is to improve inclusion on the labour market and to open to the diversity of occupations available through training in research: scientific communication, scientific writing, teaching methodology, operation of a company, French as a Foreign language (FLE), etc.