Follow the process to apply for student visa!

All students who wish to study in France must follow the Campus France procedure on Etudes en France online platform before applying for a visa.

Students can apply up to 3 months prior to the departure. During the peak period  (from April to August), students are invited to apply as soon as they can, to avoid any delays, since it can take up to 2 weeks to get an appointment.

1- First, students must obtain the Etudes en France certificate from Campus France

2- Then, students have to create an account on France-Visas

3- Finally, students must take an appointment with the Visa Section. This appointment will be scheduled online. Follow the instruction on France-Visas

Find the complete list of requirement documents here.

Visas: fees 50€to be paid in SGD only (around 80 to 90 SGD according to the exchange rate). Address: Embassy of France in Singapore (Consulate) 101-103 Cluny Park road- Singapore 259 595