After passing the Baccalauréat (Equivalent A-Level) and before entering one of the 200 engineering schools recognized by the French State, applicants enrol in a “Prepa”. 

Preparatory class

Collections ecole Polytechnique, J. BarandeDuring 2 years of intensive preparation, Engineers-to-be follow an exceptional curriculum combining fundamental sciences, humanities, team work, oral examinations and study projects. On completion of the "Prepa", the students are ready to sit the highly competitive entrance exams and to enrol in an engineering school.

Achieving the professional title of graduate engineer guarantees you will have had a multidisciplinary and innovative scientific training at Masters level. Theoretical study is alternated with practical training periods for a seamless integration into the professional world. 

 Title of graduate engineer

Among the seven best Engineer schools, the most prestigious is Ecole Polytechnique, nicknamed 'X', followed by Centrale Paris, Mines ParisTech, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Supélec, Telecom ParisTech and ENSTA Paris-Tech. Only 0.15% of French students attain the grades necessary to enrol in these highly selective schools. We call them the “Elite of the nation”. 

Some schools also propose integrated preparatory cycle like INSA, ENSCR, INP, ENSCI, UTT & UTC, etc. Students reach those schools after A-Level and prepare the 'diplome d'ingenieur' in 5 years. Among them, INSA Lyon proposes SCAN, an english speaking section. 

The number of prizes awarded by international institutions to French academics confirms the quality of French education and research. France is second only to the United States in the number of Fields medals awarded and is the fourth most endowed nation for Nobel Prizes 

Exchange Programmes and double degrees between Singaporean universities and French schools have proven popular among students from the Lion City. 


Ryan Truong took part in the « French Double Degree Program » from NUS. The financial consultant, now working in Murex, describes his experience in France: 

Why did you decide to study in France ? 

I was keen to experience a new culture, a new language and a new environment. I had a drive to challenge myself. 

Can you describe your time in France? 

I stayed on the campus of Supélec. For my first year, I was in an apartment with a French-Lebanese student who later became my best friend and best man during my wedding. For my 2nd year, I shared a large apartment with 4 other guys and it was one of the best experience I had during my stay in France. If you have watched the TV show FRIENDS, it was something like that. 

What about your school and the quality of the study program? 

Supélec is one of the top 5 engineering school in France so the quality was top notch. 

Can you tell us if studying in France helped you to find work? 

Absolutely. International exposure is always a good point that helps people to find a job. In one of my interviews, the interviewer turned out to be a Supélec alumni. He knew exactly how rigorous the course that I had studied were. 

What were the main challenges you faced in France?

Language. I didn’t know much French when I first arrived. However, my friends in Supélec were really nice and through speaking to them on a regular basis, joining student associations and clubs, playing sports and simply hanging out with them my level of French improved significantly. 

What were the main positive points in this experience? 

I learnt a lot not only in the academic sense but also in terms of culture understanding, learning a different way of thinking. I made a lot of good friends and had a fantastic time travelling around Europe.


A special thanks to Ecole Polytechnique who kindly let us use its photo. Copyright Collections ecole Polytechnique, J. Barande 

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