France's 220 schools of business and management offer courses and teaching methods that meet the real-world needs of today’s global economy and business environment. Most programs include internships and some form of study abroad.

France's schools of management admit a very large number of highly qualified international students are increasingly taught in English, particularly for degrees in subjects such as International Business or International Business Administration.

Most undergraduate programs require three years of study, and graduates often continue on for a specialized advanced degree such as the MBA or a specialized Master's (mastère spécialisé).

Many of France’s business schools are also grandes écoles and are generally private institutions.

Institutes of business administration at public universities

France's institutes of business administration (IAE) conduct research and teaching on business-related topics at the universities. Programs cover all areas of business and management, including marketing, finance and human resources. At the undergraduate level they offer the three-year Licence professionnelle in many specialties, as well as other Licence degrees. Master's and doctoral degrees are also awarded. Each IAE has its own character and special areas of expertise and excellence.

3 top French Business schools in Singapore

3 top French Business Schools have facilities in Singapore: Edhec, Grenoble Graduate School of Business and ESSEC, which recently launched the Singapore track of its Global BBA programme.
Moreover, many business schools have exchange agreement with Singaporean universities, please check with your universities for more information. 


Valerie Chan graduated from the ESSEC BBA in 2011. After ESSEC, she had the opportunity to spend a full year on exchange at Tsinghua University. She then pursued a Master at Stanford University. She is currently a management consultant based in Singapore and kindly accepted to answer our questions: 

Can you describe your time in France? The first 2 years was extremely challenging – it was my first time living on my own outside of Singapore. France’s higher education system is quite peculiar, something I had heard about from Alliance Francaise in Singapore. My years at ESSEC were definitely an eye opener, from the orientation weekend, through to the people and program structure. The opportunity to be immersed in a foreign environment was challenging and enriching. It built real skills – independence, maturity, tenacity, cultural adaptability, social skills. 

What about your studies? I liked the structure of the program. Students had the opportunity to chart their own paths and acquire the skills and experiences sought after by top companies. I found the market value of my experience to be high – the 'non-conventional' French education and global exposure was consistently picked up on by interviewers as strength. 

Can you tell us if studying in France helped you in terms of finding a job? The four years I spent in France were invaluable in helping me kick-start my career. Choosing the path off the beaten track definitely built tenacity, adaptability and a cultural sensitivity that has been very valuable in helping me get into the eventual employment opportunities. 

What were the main positive points with this experience? The entire French experience was thoroughly positive. Today I still feel a special connection to the French people I meet, and that has opened many doors both professionally and personally